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Alexandra Thompson
The Different Shades of Light

Priyadarshi Patnaik
Uncharted Travel Diaries

Mary McCluskey
Role Reversal

Les Wicks
A Small Place to the North

Jeremy Wohl

John Amen
The Ontology of Dying

Zachary Michael Jack
Shudders, Swoons
We Are Always Running
God Loves You When You Dance

Scott Murphy
If You Love Him Let Him Go

James Sallis
City at the Country's Still Heart
June 6th
Sheridan Square

Francis D. Smith
Woman is Prone to Mysterious Ends
Love calls us to the things of this world

Rus Bowden

Chris O'Carroll
New Parnassian Pharmacology
Poets Write to Penthouse

Scott Murphy

Dweebler Cramden
Land of Burros But No Asses