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Spring/Summer 2003
Anniversary Issue

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Autumn 2001

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Spring 2001

Winter 2000

Autumn 2000
Love Melic
Fiction editor Valerie Cihylik debuts.
Essay: 20th Century Poetry, by Michael Peverett.

Summer 2000
Hope Melic
Featured: Stephen W. Arndt translates Dante in verse.
Essay: Charles Bukowski and the Nadir of American Poetry.

Spring 2000
Faith Melic
Notable: God online; faith healers. Featured: Allyson Shaw.
Dead White Men.

Winter 1999
Melic in Heat
Theme: literary erotica. Featured: Teresa White.
C.E. Chaffin reviews The Western Canon.

Autumn 1999
Poems About our Fathers
Theme: paternal relationships. Featured: Dead White Men.
Essay: Morality and Poetry

Summer 1999
Solar Melic
Theme: that neighborhood star. Featured: Kathleen B. Henderson.
Essay: Logopoetry IV / The Mandala of Balance

Spring 1999
Featured: Scott Murphy.
Essay: Logopoetry III / The Mandala of Balance

Winter 1998
Featured: Lucile Blanchard.
Essay: Logopoetry II / Introduction

Autumn 1998
Featured: Melic Contest Winners.
Essay: Logopoetry I / An Alternative Term for "Post-Modern" Poetry

Summer 1998, Inaugural Issue
Featured: Lyn Lifshin, Alison Croggon, others.
Essay: Modulations