C.E. Chaffin edits The Melic Review www.melicreview.com. Widely published on the net and more narrowly in print, he fears he will be more remembered for his criticism than his poetry. He teaches poetry tutorials one-on-one online, and can be reached at the address above.

His one book of poems, Elementary, (Edwin Mellen Press, 1997) is available through Amazon.com, where it ranks below over 650,000 titles in popularity. For an article about him with numerous links to his works, see Suite 101: A Presence on the Net.

The spoken word scene, in general, makes him ill for lack of craft and a surfeit of self-congratulatory narcissism. Since making these opinions known he has not been invited to read anywhere. (See his column "Karaokepoetry" for details.)

He has never been published in Poetry, Ploughshares or The Paris Review, has no personal website, and lives mainly in his head but resides in Long Beach, CA, presently on disability for manic-depression and intractable spinal pain. In other words, if he were a horse, he'd be shot. But he is a happy horse, with three young fillies from previous stud duties and a beautiful new mare.

Shoe size on request; same as mouth. ;^O


Valerie Cihylik, Fiction Editor, reads, writes and lives in New York City.



Kathleen Carbone Chaffin, Assistant to the Editor, has a reputation as a lyric poet, and the music of her verse amazes readers even more when they learn she is legally deaf. She married the irascible Editor-in-Briefs against all cautions on Sept. 14, 2000, but her disability has proved an advantage in ignoring his bloviations. She lives California with him now, where her son should soon join them; her dog already has.

Laird Barron, Managing Editor, is a three time Iditarod competitor turned writer. His poetry has appeared in such venues as pith, 3rd Muse, Eclectica, and others. His prose has been placed with the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Mr. Barron lives in Olympia, Washington.





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