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It is my great pleasure to commemorate the first anniversary of The Melic Review with our first theme issue, Solar Melic. Many thanks to Blake Kritzberg, webmistress, and to our part-time assistant editor, our proofreader extraordinaire, and the Roundtable deputies, all of whom remain anonymous to be considered as contributors for this issue.

Our featured poet, Kathleen Henderson, has not published any poems since her undergraduate days, though she has taught at the university level for years. It is clear from these selections that she never stopped writing; she just didn't send anything out. I like to think her first appearance on the net is a bit of a coup for Melic!

I am also happy to announce that the much-published Sharon Kourous, who appears in these pages again, has signed on as Melic's first guest editor for the September issue, "Fathers." Kathleen Carbone will serve as guest editor for our "Faith" issue, debuting March, 2000, and Teresa White has already been selected as the featured poet for the December 1999 issue, "Melic in Heat."

In Chinatown John Huston tells Jack Nicholson: "Even whores and buildings get respectable if they're old enough." On the literary net, five issues may not qualify us as respectable, but we're getting close.

We accept contributions as a not-for-profit enterprise and actively seek someone with enough business savvy to make Melic pay for itself (without ruining it with too many flashing banners).

By the way, after sampling this issue, take a moment to rate us in the box on the homepage. And do stop by the Roundtable, our bustling workshop thread.

Thine in Truth and Art,

C.E. Chaffin, Editor