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We are proud to present Melic IV for your reading and listening pleasure.

Blake Kritzberg has replaced Mark Stacks as webmaster. All graphic improvements, including RealAudio for our featured poet, are her doing. She was Melic's original webmaster and we are delighted to have her back. For more details, see Staff. Mark will stay on, we hope, as an advisor, but he was simply too busy to continue here. The transition has been smooth as Michael Jordan's head. Kathleen Carbone continues as proofreader extraordinaire but refuses Staff designation. In such cases we send chocolate.

I have been sole editor of Melic for this issue only. I seek assistant guest editors for upcoming issues and am happy to report that Sharon Kouros has signed up for the fall, but the 1999 summer and winter slots remain unfilled. All applications are welcomed, but in view of my own limitations I will unabashedly give preference to members of the opposite gender whose sensibilities differ from mine.

Our next three issues have embraced themes, though we continue to entertain quality work, whatever the subject:

Melic V:
Solar (Heliocentric Melic)
Melic VI:
Fathers (Paternal Melic)
Melic VII:
Sex (Melic in Heat)

Lastly, we are starting a monthly newsletter to debut March 15. Those who subscribe receive it free for two months. Afterwards we hope some will donate a $5 a year to continue receiving it and help defray the cost of paying contributors, maintaining our new domain, internet account and so forth. (We do not accept advertising at present save a shared banner with Pif magazine that advertises Melic elsewhere).

One last note: Our forum, the Roundtable, has been buzzing with good work and commentary. Stop by and post your work or read another's. Editors of name e-zines have been known to cherry-pick there for coming issues.

Yours in Truth and Art,

C.E. Chaffin