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I met Kathleen Carbone and Blake Kritzberg through the Zeugma Poetry Workshop they founded, before the first Melic debuted. Blake eventually consented to be Melic's webmistress and Kathleen offered her proofreading skills. I lovingly named her "proofreader extraordinaire" in the past because the title of proofreader undersells her talents; she is a fine editor and poet in her own right, as this issue and past publication prove (see the award-winning "And Flights of Angels ..." and other of her poems in the Melic archives). Because Mrs. Carbone is more intimately involved in Melic's success than her present title indicates, she will henceforth be designated "Managing Editor" until such time as Blake and I become utterly unmanageable, if we are not already.

In the spirit of being managed, I did for this issue only what I was told to do, namely sifting fiction and recording another "Dead White Men" feature along with the "Brush Fire Psalm" for Blake's multimedia experiment. Kathleen chose all the poetry; this is her issue. I should mention here that Kathleen Burk Henderson, former featured poet, noted columnist and academic renegade, has consented to serve as guest editor for our next issue, themed "Hope."

Since its inception, our Roundtable Poetry Workshop has had a number of devoted participants, some of whom I privately asked to serve as anonymous board monitors. Two have so distinguished themselves in this endeavor that I blew their cover some time ago: Teresa White and Shann Palmer. Now their names go up officially on the masthead. We have also begun a separate Roundtable Workshop for fiction as of this issue.

Our second online poetry course, which ends this week, has been a huge success, stretching both teachers and students. As soon as ten or more participants sign up we will hold another class. For more information, write us at

I want to thank those who have already sent in their contributions for the print version Best of Melic: Lucile Blanchard, Deanna Madsen Fogel, Sharon Kourous, and Ben "Parzybik" (apx.. last name due to his handwriting); there may be others I have forgotten to mention. In any case, that's four subscriptions down and forty-six to go for our projected nest egg of $500 to get this project off the ground. Anyone interested in receiving a copy should send a check for $10 made out to Melic Review to:

Melic Review
c/o C.E. Chaffin M.D.
700 E. Ocean Blvd. #2504
Long Beach, CA, 90802.

One sad note: I just learned that Savoy Magazine, where many from these pages have been published, and to which I contributed a column, is giving up the ghost. Our regrets to a terrific editor, G.K. Nelson, and all his staff, and our thanks for a great run showcasing many new voices. "Gib" (as he is known to his friends) will be posting a farewell address at, and I am told the archives will stay online.

And now, without further ado, I give you our new issue, "Faith," edited by Kathleen McGovern Carbone. Please read her guest editor's introduction if you haven't already.

Thine in Truth and Art,
C.E. Chaffin