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BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION, this is what I like: A voluptuousness of language — Andrew Gallix's Sweet Fanny Adams is smart and funny and simply basks in its own linguistic glow. Sharply defined character — Karen June Cantrell's Clink! offers up a bitchy paean to the perfect wife whose honeymoon is too soon over. The pleasure of a tale with unexpected turns, such as Mike Betette's Beauty. And for sheer delight, the tiny, vibrant Boschean paintings of JB Mulligan's microfiction.

The real challenge to the on-line fiction writer is to satisfy all those cravings for character, plot and language that fiction stimulates, but in a shorter, more immediate format. The internet is the domain of short attention spans — point and click here, point and click gone. Sudden fiction, flash fiction, micro fiction. Le mot juste. Every good writer's goal.

I look forward to exploring further the variety and potential of internet fiction with the Melic community of readers and writers.