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Too Much

A Villanelle for William

"The world is too much with us," someone said.
(Not sure who, but it doesn't matter now;
Whoever the guy was is surely dead).

Sometimes I feel that way: I lie in bed
And think I'd rather kill my eats with bow
and arrow than just get and spend, as said

That someone-not sure who-who thought we're led
To give our hearts away and don't allow
Ourselves the time (before we're surely dead)

To stop and watch the moon rise, golden red,
Above "This Sea that bares her bosom.." How
A sea can have a bosom, like he said,

Is to personify the thing instead
Of call a spade a spade, for all time stow
The used-up lingo of the surely dead.

Same thing with "Triton's horn": I'm really fed
Up with allusions-deck that sacred cow!
The world was too much with him, like he said,
That guy who's, evidently, long since dead.