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On the Other Side of a Waterfall


You have not touched me since time began, you have

Not considered my fingers or given your attention to

Resolve any of the many problems my neck defines,

In view of the fact that you have not said my name since

Before fish or forests appeared, it leads me to conclude it is

As if you have forgotten me or misplaced or terribly lost

Me which leads me to consider myself in a new light so

Bear with me will you, while this new suit of clothes settles

On this difficult passage you turn back to your other

Interests, your scripting of immensely human consuming

Enterprises, false eyes where false eyes belong, friendly

Fire, explosives innumerable, your dispensing and scattering

Your withholding and looting, your pitching and hawing,

Leeching, shooting, discarding one thing, picking at another.