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You know that famous silence out beyond the stars

We’ve imported it here where it shies in shimmers

Like a dark horse’s shadow in a snow blown pasture

We pass by there, look here, what’s this my fingers

Are saying to my thumb, you know those famous silent

Skies, hear a twisted engine’s contortions discharging

Ignition ignition, how hard we register a hollow

Thump of a steel door closing, it’s not your civil twilight,

Your altitude of fine immovable patience, in another story

I lied about how wind can get a tree to tell all its secrets,

I lied about an hourglass I was supposed to fill with someone’s ashes,

In twilight anyone can be thinking about airlines,

I wondered if an hourglass filled with someone’s ashes

Might tell me something, strangely, we have hourglasses.