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1.    First choose a quiet location.

2..    It is considered bad manners to appear too eager. (Restraint may lead to a more prolonged and satisfying encounter.) At this point surreptitiously examine your prospective partner for signs of fungal infection or mites.

3. .   Start by turning away from each other and gently touch cerci. If your cerci do not mesh easily at this point you may discover you have been attracted to the wrong species. If so, appear distracted, adjust antennae and retreat with dignity.

4. .    Ladies, gently move your ovipositor out of the way so that your partner can insert his aedeagus into your vagina (your vagina is between the paraprocts and the ventral plate). Give some assistance with your back legs if necessary. Lock your plates so that premature detachment does not take place (some males may find this threatening).

5.    Gentlemen, use extreme caution when lingering after intromission — decapitation may result. However, departing too hastily may enrage some females so read the body language carefully. (With good timing you could be well positioned for several partners in the same day.) Good luck!

      — Sharon Carter