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They say he left high school
with all his pistons pumping,
that his girl did him wrong in the vineyard.
Now he drives cross-country
American flag in the back window
of his T-bird.
He drives real fast.
You can hear him boom a whole town away.
Faster than the bleep of radar,
he zooms through tollbooths,
never puts his lights on in the rain.
TV cameras try to get footage
for the 6 o'clock news but they only see
a ruby blur and dust
raised in differential equations of distance.
This boy's got torque.
We've all seen the homemade videos
from folks who say they saw him,
but it's all clouds of newspaper
and a haze of frightened trees.
He never pays for gas,
attendants smile fill his tank with a wink.
"Ya know who that was?" they nudge
as he disappears
smearing gravity in second gear.
He's been sighted in Ely and Islip
and he's coming to your town next.
All the girls you're trying so hard to get to
are gonna go starry-eyed
and never hear a word you say,
because he drives so fast
he drags all the stars to one side of the sky.
So fast the crucifix on his rearview
holds on with both hands.

      — Leonardo DellaRocca