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From the necrobiotic sponge seeps a turbid incipience,
while the green leaves steep in sunspace — an airy solution;
writhes tether and bind in phytonic synopsis:
The vine is the sacred tie of hieros gamos.

Incessant sphygmic rhythm, electric momentum,
atomic transmutation: sweet of spring.
Luscious viscosity, red robed, clustered abundant:
Symphysis, the all one, ripens into
Sealed-skin Hymeneal ampules, voluptuous spheres
descending Ephesian Artemis to exquisite feet.

Sun sucking, tongue laving, life-juice, spate of saliva:
sugar sings the stomatal orgasm.
Nipple to mouth of the milk-drunk infant, lolling,
summer dribbling from the chin of the tumid face.

      — Kathleen B. Henderson

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