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You are guided
she said
through this life
like Pac Man
by an unseen hand
on a joystick.
And I reflected on this
in the course of the innocent pleasure
of a urination
and I thought yes,
but screw up,
then try to pass gravel
through the length
of your thumb.

I don't envy
my penis anything.
Wherever it goes
it takes me along.
Lots of other ones
are bigger,
but we are used
to traveling light.

It's hard to take the time
to jerk off well.
I don't mean I'm that busy —
it's more that knowing
how the story ends
I skip chapters and chapters
of explanation.

Why do you give us
such a hard time?
We do love —
our spotty memory tells us so,
and as one thing,
joined near the hip.

      — Scott Murphy

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