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The second of the One-Two fell in the form
of "Fat Man" from the blue bottle bomber,

"Bock's Car", bursting at 2000 feet
over Nagasaki, itself a secondary target:

the city, possessing Japan's largest
concentration of Christians, bundled together

like a nerve terminus in the wrist, awaited —
with the gentiles, the white nail from above.

No time for a place-of-skulls drama in that
hurricane of blue and white flash; a scorching

of the crowded sea of roofs; a loosing of
a pulsing cloud of unseen, sterile seedlings;

an implanting in the unborn genetic codes:
a fish-limbed and tiny skulled vengeance.

Both just and unjust beneath the pattering
black rain — oily tears from a torn sky.

"Shu Jesusu, awaremi tamai!"*

*("Our Lord Jesus, have pity on us!")

      — Steve Harris