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Them Hot Dogs

How about Them Hot Dogs,
ain't they neat?
Little piece of bread,
little piece of meat.


A Fjord

In Norway
I never saw a Fjord
but one day
I saw a Chjevrolet.





Sometimes I think that my life is like a tapestry, being woven by Godand history on an enchanted loom. And then I think, 'Hey, how much isthis thing going to cost?'


My sister's boyfriend is a clerk in one of the country's largest postoffices. The post office is so big it takes him all day to do his job.


There's this thing I do where I swallow letters, then I swallow stamps,then I pull them out and all the letters are stamped.


When I looked in the mirror I noticed that the letters on his shirt werebackwards. "What a dope," I thought. "This interview should be acinch."

      — Mike Topp