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Consider the Positivist's manly aspiration —
to be as a man as God's divination,
as Socrates a gadding fly;
as Kant belongs to the Golden Rule,
Fulton steam and Freud the dream,
we belong to the Positivist
International Groper's Society.

Opportunity is everywhere—
we tamper with Vera's ass at tea.
and paw at her universals, du tit i fully;
grope as exactly as we can
for we are manly men;— but,

if you flap your wrists willy-nilly,
we positivists will think you quite indecorous
and ask that you read Oliphant's Picadilly
and other Victorian instructions
of invisible ineluctions —
(poor nurturing by mother, of course).

To be a manly man,
you must have Veras in either hand.

      — Don Taylor