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Tom Bradley

My latest short fiction is, or will soon be, in Jack Magazine, Eyeshot, Exquisite Corpse, Big Bridge, Oyster Boy, and Two Girls.

These stories are, respectively, about a harelip with a six-figure book advance, a Palestinian abortionist, a peyote-eating teen sex killer, a rent a-Frankenstein on Purple Haze, a Chinese compulsive masturbator, and a cannibal orgy in the basement of the Mormon Tabernacle.

My no-less uplifting essays appear, or soon will appear, in McSweeney's, LitKit Journal,, Exquisite Corpse, Milk Magazine, Ralph, and Heresiarch, the mighty journal of anti-theology out of Belfast.

Excerpts, blurbs and reviews of my published novels, links to my online prose, plus recorded readings, are posted at my website--