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CE Chaffin

C.E. Chaffin received his B.A. in English in 1976 from UCLA (Summa Cum Laudanum, Fine Bit-A-Krappa), winning "The Edward Niles Hooker Award for Outstanding Achievement in English" (top prize for students in the honors program, in which he wasn't). He also served as poetry editor of Goldenwest Literary Magazine and Carrion while at Goldenwest College, rudely abusing his office to print some of his most execrable poems. Books: Elementary (poems), Edwin Mellen Press, 1997, available through Sine Wave (poems, awaiting a publisher).

Poetry credits: too many to list. Everything from The Alaska Quarterly Review and Byline (print) to Ygdrasil and Zuzu's Petals (on-line). Stories: countless submitted, ten published. Presently a book-length collection of short stories, The Eric Chronicles, is slowly being serialized in Savoy (on-line) where he also contributes a regular column. Criticism: "An Alternative Term for Post-Modern Poetry" and "Introduction to Logopoetry" published in The Cortland Review; "Logopoetry III: The Mandala of Balance" and "Logopoetry IV" published and to be published in Beehive; "On Modulation" to be published in The Horsethief's Journal. Ancillary degrees: M.D. 1980, FAAFP 1994 (Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians), Assistant Professor of Family Medicine U.C. Irvine.

Dr. Chaffin has three daughters: 21, 19, and 10 — his chief earthly joys. Rachel and Keturah attend college and Sarah attends elementary school. On weekends, at least, they live with their parents in a high rise overlooking the Pacific.