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Editor's notes on Melic IV.


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Teresa White
  Haven, Northern Suburb, Wheat Comes Easy
Michael Largo
  Some Place Else, So, You're Gone, Fresh Picked
W.F. Adams
  Closing Scenes
John Bird
  Another Budgie
Ted Burford
  The Jewel Wasp and Her Cockroach
Kathleen Carbone
  A Walk in January Fog

Sharon Carter
  The Process Of Becoming
Carrie Cerri
  In Relation to the Driver and the Road
Alison Croggon
  The Lemon Tree
Claudia Grinnell
J.B. Mulligan
  Anchors in the Harbor
Gary Kuhlman
  The Moth
Sheila Sinead McGuinness
Murray Moulding
  Thin Air
Denver Perkins
  Cephalo/Pelvic Disproportion
Walt Phillips
Michael Rothenberg
Sherry Saye
  The Uinta Range
Allyson Shaw
  Psalm of the Dog Girl
Deborah Q. Smith
  Marching in the Mulberries
Michele Mason
Peter Anson
  The French Version
  Failed Children's Book Titles
Logopoetry III:
  The Mandala of Balance
Denver Perkins
  A Little Night Music




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