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God of the Gaps

  —Michael Peverett

Displacement Activity
  —Ted Burford

Dresden Nun

Raising the Dead
  —Steve Harris

I saw / the way the sun
hit hard on those nickels

Keeping God Busy
  —Sharon Kourous

Quasi una Fantasia

To the Shekhinah
    at Winter Solstice

  —Esther Cameron

  —Scott Murphy

Easy To Speak His Name
  —Teresa White

A Parable
  —Shann Palmer

My faith is smaller
than that seed

Where the Mudman Goes
  —Alan DeNiro

The Illusion of Shelter
  —Bill Erdman

The Subscriber
  —Esther Cameron

I always have been
on the Internet ...

Drinking From the River,
    Eating From the Tree

He Drives Real Fast
  —Leonardo DellaRocca

  —Scott Murphy

The Confessional School

Back Porch
  —Sharon Kourous

The Confessional School of Poetry
had need of my fluids

Writing in the Mirror
  —Ron Jones

On Business for Three Days
    in Indiana

  —Frank Matagrano

To Market
  —Bob Thurber




Pascuum of Satanas
  —fiction by John Hagan

The Maldive Shark
  —Herman Melville

When I consider how
my light is spent

  —John Milton

Those Winter Sundays
  —Robert Hayden

The Waking
  —Theodore Roethke