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Editor speaks on Erotic Melic A proper (but never prim) introduction to Melic in Heat.

Book Review: The Western Canon

    C.E. Chaffin takes on Harold Bloom's tumescent tome, The Western Canon:

    "Jerome's Vulgate, Luther's translation and the King James Bible are the only works that have influenced our culture and tongue more than Shakespeare, and Bloom's ignorance of this fact I find as shocking as he does the ethno-gender-politico-centric Balkanization of traditional literary criticism."
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Featured Poet: Teresa White



Sex Poems
  —Don Taylor
The Crack
  —Jeannine Shackelton
Body Language
  —Judy Thompson
  —Sherry Saye
  —Arlene Ang
Other Poems
Coming Home
  —Andrea Sherwood
  —Sharon Kourous
The Wasp Nest
  —Ric Masten

Erotic Fiction
The Act
    By Germaine Shames
The car zig-zagged down the road as if running on gin instead of gasoline.

Into His Own Hands
    By Mycroft Cramden
Sales technique #4: Always dismiss the customer first so they feel rejected. He recognized the gambit but could not fight the emotion.

Erotic Light Verse
Did He Who Made the Lamb Make Thee?
  —David Curtis & J. Snell

He, Hot Twat Rhymes
  —Mike Topp

The Legend of Donna Quixote
  —Jennifer Abel

Nuclear Winter
  —Teresa White