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    "I think it makes for better art to believe in God than not, and though a bad reason for belief, is better than none."

    "The contemporary disavowal of commitment in art, the kinds of excesses of much language poetry and post-modern splinterings of any concept of responsibility or ethics, can be in their own way just as tyrannical as any ideology."
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Break of Day*
  —John Donne
Acquainted With the Night*
  —Robert Frost
Lines for an Old Man*
  —T.S. Eliot
The Magi*
  —W.B. Yeats



For Boys Who Lie in the Dark
  —Seth Abramson
In Cherokee Wood
  —BS Allen
Thirty-Six Hours into Healing
  —Richard Beban
  —Lucile Blanchard
Poem Without the Word "BONE"
  —Larry Fontenot
Your Cat Gives You...
  —R.J. McCaffery
Remembering Him
  —Bob Elliott
Five poems from "FOTO"
  —Michael Peverett
Father's Return
  —Joan Houlihan
Mother's Day
  —Misha Weidman
My Father Was a Carpenter
  —Sharon Kourous
A Certain Blindness
  —Teri Zipf
My Mother Knitting
  —Kate Murphy
(I wanted to)
  —Shann Palmer
Elegy for R.J.
  —Scott Reid

In Season
    By Michael Largo
Sometimes he patted me on the back and I hated that.

Together, the Choir Grows Old
    By Richard Weems
Back home, we indulge in danish and petite-four and macrobiotic sticky buns...


Lovers Coupling in an Abandoned Cemetery
  —Bea Ericson

Market Watch
  —Sharon Kourous

Mixed Conception (wife to Max Ernst)
  —Robyn Su Millerz

Why I Can't Write Poems in the Summer
  —John G. Gregory, Jr.



* Note: The understanding of the editors of the Melic Review is that audio sampling the works of famous poets and subsequently posting such samples on a web site does not constitute "publication," and as such is not a violation of copyright law. If any person can provide us with information to suggest the contrary, we would be happy to remove all such audio samples from this web site. These samples are included here for educational purposes only; that is, for the continued instruction of beginning and intermediate poets in the area of 'music' in poetry. They are not to be reproduced or distributed under any circumstances.


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