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Editor's notes on Solar Melic.

Lucile Blanchard
  Day's End
Carmen Cano
  Maius Memento
Kathleen Carbone
  Getting in the Wood
Matthew Hyle
Sharon Kourous
Shann Palmer
  Driving Icarus
Alexander Pepple
  Sun and Scars, Traveling with the Sun
Denver Perkins
  The Eye Is Not the Window to to the Soul
Scott Reid
  The Rust of the Sun
Allyson Shaw
  Psalm of the Dying Girl, Recovered
Teresa White
Seth Abramson
  The Search for Miranda, Friday for Some
W.F. Adams, Jr.
Martin Buber
  The Song of Bareness
Pelle Cass
Julie Damerell
  Green Is Not Enough
Chris Wood
  The Sad Professor
Teresa White
  Train Yard


Logopoetry IV:
  The Mandala of Balance (con't)
Sharon Kourous et al.
  The Platypodyssey
Mycroft Cramden
  Quantum Prickautions
Amelia Frank et al.
  Trekkie Haiku
Scott Murphy
  A Postcard from Ourobouros, An Elegy
Tina Hoffman
  Surfing the Net
Karen Masullo
  Pardon My Podi
Judy Thompson
  Love Song to My Wife, by Jack Sprat
Mike Topp
  Pithy Poemlets and Proselets
John Broussard
  The Stranger
Ah Cheng (Denis Mair, translator)
  Establishing a Nation
Kuan Kuan (Denis Mair, translator)
  The Ravenous Prince