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Ash Bowen ** lives in Texarkana, Arkansas, with his girlfriend Jennifer and their dog, Barney.   Formerly a journalist and technical writer, he now teaches composition at Texarkana College.  

Jared Carter


Jared Carter ** has published three books of poetry with the Cleveland State University Poetry Center, most recently Les Barricades    Mystérieuses (1999). His poem, "Plastic Sack,"     appeared in the summer 2004 issue of Melic         Review. His web site, Jared Carter Poetry, contains additional stories, essays, and interviews.


Jamie Cavanaugh ** would like to give whatever recognition he can to the following magazines: Struggle, Edgz, The Aurorean, and Axe Factory. "These are not only filled with interesting work, their editors infected me with an energy invaluable. Their criticism and encouragement are the fire and water which make a poetry that has a chance to endure."


T. Zachary CotlerT. Zachary Cotler ** Many of T. Zachary Cotler's poems and stories have appeared in journals in the US and internationally, recently: Southern Review, Witness, Electric Acorn, The Pedestal Magazine, and Wisconsin Review. He is a recipient of residential fellowships from the Amy Clampitt House and the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts


David Harris Ebenbach's  ** poetry has appeared in, among other places, Phoebe, the Stickman Review, and Arbutus, his short fiction has been published in, among other places, the Denver Quarterly, the Beloit Fiction Journal, and Crazyhorse, and he wrote the chapter, “Plot: A Question of Focus,” for Gotham Writers Workshops’ book Writing Fiction (Bloomsbury, USA).   He has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MFA in Writing from Vermont College.  Find out more at


CherilCherilyn Ferroggraroyn Ferroggiaro ** is an Italian brat from Sonoma, California, currently in school to become a Physician's Assistant and has appeared in a variety of poetry, photography and art journals, both online and in print. She is the photography editor of The Surface - Online Arts Magazine and Gallery.  Some publications include: Poetry Canada (The Canadian Federation of Poets), Reflections, Penwomanship, JW Publishing, Tapestry, Meeting of the Minds, 63 Channels, Thunder Sandwhich, Spent Meat, Underground Voices, Zygote in My Coffee, 12 Gauge, Surface Online, All Things Girl, Erosha, Poems Niendergasse, Locust, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, and Babel Magazine.


Rich Furman


Mitchell Geller ** was born and raised in the Boston area, where he still resides. In April 2004 he won First Place in the IBPC for "Villanelle for an English Professor," and he received First Honorable Mention from the IBPC in July 2004 for "Venus-Mars Dialogue." His work has also appeared in Worm 30 and Worm 31. (


Andrei PostolacheAndrei Postolache ** is a student in Iasi, Romania and has published poems and fiction in various Romanian virtual and print literary journals and has been recognized in local contests. He doesn't yet have a volume and Melic Review is his début in English. Andrei's "day job" is computer programming and his dearest hobby, outside literature, which he considers to be a serious occupation and treat it as such, is quality movies. He can be contacted at


M. Lynx Qualey ** ( fled no apparent persecution in the Midwest for a life in the Middle East, where she writes and wrangles a one-year-old boy.


Erik Rhey ** is a short-story writer and magazine editor originally from Wisconsin. His fiction has appeared in The Copperfield Review and The Attic, and his nonfiction has appeared in Milwaukee Magazine and PC Magazine. He is currently working on a collection of short stories and lives with his girlfriend in Brooklyn. E-mail:


Chris Robideaux ** is 32 years old, lives and works as a freelance artist and writer in Mesa, AZ, and has been previously published in sidereality, Tin Lustre Mobile, and Muse Apprentice Guild. He enjoys playing guitar, green tea, and music that defies category. He has a black cat for good luck. Some of his artistic influences: Rimbaud, the Doors, Pound, Dylan (Bob and Thomas), the Roman poets, the Flaming Lips. You can reach him at or


Richard K. WeemsRichard K. Weems ** has a chapbook of fiction, The Need for Character, available through his website (  His work has appeared in The Gettysburg Review, Other Voices, The Mississippi Review and a host of other places, both in print and on the Internet.  A full-length collection, Anything He Wants, will be appearing in December/January from Spire Press ( Email address:


William Winfield Wright ** was born in California, lives in Grand Junction, CO, has published in The Beloit Poetry Journal, The Adirondack Review, The Antietam Review, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Diagram, Field, The Ninth Letter, 42opus, and elsewhere, and recently edited a special bilingual edition (English and Norwegian) of the journal Pinyon.


Cyril WongCyril Wong ** is the author of four collections of poetry in Singapore. Publication credits include Atlanta Review, Slope and Fulcrum. He was a featured poet at the Edinburgh International Book Festival (UK), the Hong Kong International Literary Festival and the Queensland Poetry Festival (Brisbane, Australia). He is the founder and co-editor of, an international poetry journal online. He can be reached at