Thomas Dorsett


The Unholy Mackerel

"Hey, Mad Scientist, splice a gene,
turn me into a submarine;
perhaps one day one fish will do
to feed the homeless of Timbuktu--
I'm too thin, Sir, if you can,
turn me into Leviathan."

"You wanna save the world? How noble!
I'm just a geek who wants a Nobel,
yet opposites attract."  So Big Me
spliced the chromosomes of this little fishy
with blubber genes of an alpha walrus,
sperm from a frozen brontosaurus,

administrator genes from an H.M.O.,
with teriyakiphilic alleles of a sumo
thrown in for good measure.  Soon Death's rod,
a thousand times bigger than Anselm's God,
fiercer than the tenth incarnation of Vishnu,
swallowed all.  No more me and you--

The moral of this tale is paths unnatural
might lead us to this, Holy Mackerel!
unholy mackerel, Durga as a fish.
There's only one thing worse than this,
beyond even Bosch: Durga as a tush,
one cheek Hilary, the other one Bush.