R.S. Gwynn



Agrarian Snapshots by Claire A. Hughes

Note: Claire A. Hughes is a 97-year-old self-taught poet who resides in Nederland, Texas, and works as a clerk at Blockbuster. A great admirer of Southern poetry, she is proud of her Texas accent and has adapted the form of the clerihew to be consistent with her unique pronunciation.

John Crowe Ransom
Grew distinguished and hansom
When his hair turned white
Almost overnite.

Robert Penn Warren
Often went to a barren
Downtown New Haven
To satisfy a craven.

Allen Tate
Was a featherwate
But his head was much bigger
Than the rest of his figger.

Sidney Mttron Hirsch
Wrote poems much wirsch
Than the rest of the group
And was soon out of the loup.

Merrill Moore
Was rather a boore,
Writing thousands of sonnets
Without succeeding onnets.

Stark Young
Had a vicious toung
And was rarely meek
With a drama criteek.

Donald Davidson
Said, "Lord, the ham gravidson
My brand-new tie!
And it’s red-ie!

Robert Lowell
Had a troubled sowell
But became everyone’s minion
After coming to Kinion.

Randall Jarrell
Was as quick as a squarrell
And quickly wrote finis
To opponents at tinis.

Cleanth Brooks
Made a $1,000,000
From a book with "Ol’ Red"
But it didn’t go to his hed.

Laura Riding Gottschalk Jackson
Apparently liked a lot of ackson
And made men her élèves,
Especially Robert Grèves.