light verse rules!!


Sumanta Sanyal



School Mistress

With unforgivingly flat posterior
banking the wintry scholastic air
and smile insuperably superior
shining shark-like out of its toothy lair,

(no flatter treasureless pleasureless chest
ever rode the dullest doldrum-struck main
to put to ever- everlasting rest.
the heart of every roving captain!)

with wispy wingy medusa-like hair
that knows no duly restrictory bounds
stabbing the confusedly cringing air
terminally with criss-cross mortal wounds,

with irreconcilably crossed eyes
at antipodally cross'd purposes -
(not even the most outlandish surmise
can ever unravel their focuses!)-,

with strident ultra-high frequency voice
that brooks no merely terrestrial barriers
and gives no kindly extenuating choice
to the unfortunate spell-bound hearers,

with beaky ultra-aquiline nose
cutting through the poor fast-retreating air
like the steely undeflectable prows
of mean clippers sailing through foul and fair,

with a pair of sharp rabbitty ears
that selectively hear what they want to
and instill acute disconsolate fears
of a flesh-loving rakshasi or two

and with hard ligniferous knobby knots
malevolently angling out here and there
like a schizophrenic cubist's mad plots
for all things calamitous and severe

comes the draconian gimlet-ey'd mistress
of the waiting and palpitating school
promising unmitigable distress
to academia's ev'ry sort of fool!