you looking at me?


Fred Longworth



After the Animal Show Filed Bankruptcy

The dancing bears still had a job,
the lion act still roared,
the seal show barked on, and leap-
ing dolphins were adored.

These other creatures hired on
at Vargas, Disneyland,
and Barnum - critters glamorous!
Poor Octopus was canned.

By day he hid in toilet bowls,
by night he shambled streets,
a little, tarnished piece of eight
in search of friends and eats.

His tentacles grew thin as strings,
eight shoulders stooped in shrugs.
He found no clams in garbage cans,
instead he dined on bugs.

And yet, despite his woeful luck
and shriveled eight-legged bod,
he stumbled to celebrity!
A famed cephalopod!

In search of roaches, worms and flies,
he crossed the freeways fast.
A tractor trailer squashed him flat -
eight-pointed star at last!