painting by schulenburg


                                                                      Anne Gagel

Hay Barrels or Hay Bails – whichever suits you best


A slight setback
awakening from the sting

counter wipe off counter wipe on

droplets fall and take the shape
of the little girl’s pouting mouth;
she stands downstairs,
frequently in a state of demand and defiance

i did not call her name.     i did not call the dish.     i did not break any glass.     i did not collect stamps.

I know this well. I have cast my pout
aside and my mouth is set
to absorb textures placed within.

death has no smell.     a club sandwich with or without mayo.


  1. The poor girl cries and slips away on her bike

  2. or

  3. This would be a good place to visit

  4. or

  5. She asked him for the second Twinkie in exchange for something simple.

thousands of parakeets, colors abound –
i took one with a fork and studied it –
no reason –
no reason to want to eat.
colors go up in flames, feathers
turn from blue to black

Three layers of color
on the side of a cliff,
wrinkles in my hand
wrinkles in the land – red to orange to black.
What would he say if he say what I did?


Slow march in the barn yard

protein pills to the chicken
protein kills the chicken
(off phones)_
protein pills to the chicken
protein pills, pass the men
protein pills to the chicken
protein killed the hen
they lay beyond the hay
in the field I ran
in the field (Iran)
protein sent me first; in
survival of the fittest,
my red blood count was the biggest.