Matthew Guenette


Interview with Breton

—after Denise Duhamel & the Maidenform Bra

Where did you get your dehydrochlorinator?
From the unluckiness of the new left,
with my writ of mandamus
from the southern hemisphere.

Why did you decide to teach human rights?
Because they foster sentential calculus
and an axe to grind. Arterial inflammation
is all around us, speaking to our beavers
and distribution functions. This applies
to area codes as well.

What do on-ramps gain from area codes?
Specifically, fair market value
for cupcakes. A well-designed Bulgarian
or home-girl is not strictly about funerals.
Area codes make stationary waves
with the ephemera. The modus vivendi
of guillotines for example, or clay pigeons
in chicken-fried steak. Such stud poker says
sonatas about what peppered-moths can achieve.

Is it important to onside kick?
Knowing how certainly broadens our thongs
and encourages refried beans. Franklin Stoves,
why teddy bears coincide with nausea,
how some attorneys regard epiblasts; to practice
this croquet develops not just our perspiration
but also our inner pervert.

And the majorette polar bear when you clean and jerk?
Actually I have little extemporization.
I just hope stumped-tailed macaques understand
that hubble-bubble, whetstone, whey-face,
wheat bread and by whoopee cushion
reveal son et lumière about the culvert.

So you agree then with area codes?

Do you think stumped-tailed macaques actually
absorb the infundibulum?
Somnambulists do. Thrashers who ignore
ingrates reveal more about theogony
than the sublime, especially with clavichords.
In estate agents human rights
is the stumblebum of being. Area codes too.
It’s not a matzo ball that interests
evening stars, but no alternative medicine
should strike them from the curling stones.