T. E. Ballard

Thomas Bates
Teaching Poetry to a Juvenile Offender

Lucile Blanchard
The Barn

Ted Burford
The Jewel Wasp and Her Cockroach

Joseph Carcel

Rick Carnes
Rubenstein's Revenge

C.E. Chaffin
At The Worshop

Kathleen (Carbone) Chaffin
A Walk in January Fog

Alison Croggan
The Lemon Tree

Steve Harris

Sharon Kourous

Jack Martin
Rip Saw

Murray Moulding
Thin Air

Scott Murphy
Across the Way, the Links

Shann Palmer
(I Wanted To)

Eytan Pessen
Chopin In Stuttgart

James Sallis
City at the Country's Still Heart

Chris Wood
The Sad Professor

Jim Zola
Voudoun Tale