VALERIE CIHYLIK                      

The fiction in "Melic After Hours" came together separate and apart from the poetry.† Yet, if you take a look in the far corner of your favorite cafe, you might notice Manuel, the museum guard from The Different Shades of Light, reaching shyly for the hand of a vividly painted lady, over at the bar sits Maria from Role Reversal, nursing a glass of red wine and staring at a well dressed businessman who has caught her eye, and hunched in a quiet corner, away from the chatter, sits a white-haired traveler chewing the end of his pencil and paging slowly through his battered notebook from Uncharted Travel Diaries.† The fiction of loveís surprised awakening, its angry departure and lifeís witness along the way.

Kudos to our authors: Melic Fiction has been honored by being one of only three on-line literary zines to have two stories selected to be included in the e2ink anthology.† Chris Hornerís The Other Body (Melic XII Spring 2001) and Lauren Sandersí The Edge of the Edge (Melic XV Winter 2001) will appear in the anthology that should be in bookstores some time in November 2002.† For information and a list of finalists:†† e-2-ink is printed and distributed by Lightning Press, a division of Ingram.