For the Number 7 and the Larger Number 2

Who, having a child, calls her child Why.
And, being not one to go it all alone, embraces
What, when Why is born,
as something warm, and warming over time, to have,
to touch, to team with and
to build because between them.
And through all this ordeal, the pushing out and ponderings of birth,

The coming While collects a history of photographs and
Shining moments, answers for the question
The child is, has (at this point still a bundle,
rhetorical) and will have;

While who peers furtively in
From wire-hatched glass at the
Endearing scene but How?
Specifically, pondering this:

Being only simply Who and easily ascertained What —
How ever will they endeavor after Why?
And should their Why be solved some day by any
Where or Which to come along, or satisfied
By independent study, or divine reply,
How will they know or not know, allow or disallow?

More collectively, How will they ever succeed at something so precious,
Something so, even before it was born, full with need,
Being, themselves, such still-hanging-in-air questions?
Our answer:

How ever, when ever, where ever, whom ever must or what ever
It will take. For Why's sake. Or,
more commonly said, for children, for family,
for love.