Glee Bohanon


Angels in Disguise

     As she played the Moonlight Sonata on the Casio, she stared at the bottle of pills on the console. It would have sounded better on her grand piano. She looked out the open window at the full moon shining through the pines and smelled their sharp scent. She stopped playing.

     She picked up the bottle. "Therein lies release", she thought. She remembered happier times. The comforter and the fresh linens on the bed called to her. She was very tired. She rose to look at the night sky. It would be easy to take all the pills. "Do not use alcohol when using this medication," it warned. She took another sip of her drink.

     There were no tears, no regrets, and no fear. She had run that gauntlet so many times before. She showered and took extra time with her hair. She felt calm. Just as she slipped into her white gown, she heard a commotion. It was Dan, the neighborhood drunk and his roommate and friend, Big Larry. They were arguing.

     "I tell you, it goes like this - boil and bubble, toil and trouble . . ."

     "Naw, you gots it all wrong. It's goil and rubble, hoyle and trouble. . ."

     "Shakespeare, I tell you."

     "Nah tain't. It's Chaucer."

     "Yer nuts!"

     She stepped out onto the porch. They both saw her there in her white gown.

     "What light doth shine in yonder window." They both said.

     She laughed, and stepped down the stairs in her bare feet.

     "Come on! We're going to light a bonfire."

     She forgot the bottle of pills and followed them.

     Dan said, "Just like a blinken angel, I tell you."

     "Shush you old fool, she'll hear you."

     Yes, they are angels, she thought. What funny disguises they wear.