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i heard someone wrote a really good vampire poem
how it ratted out the undead
described their slaughterhouse teeth
told how the blue roots of their hearts
cringe and try to drag the ugly thing in a vampire's chest aside
when the splintering tip of the stake approaches.

i heard who wrote the poem too. she said she was bitten
but now was in recovery from vampirism
twelve steps and out but she remembered how it really was
though only after her head cleared up and she found
herself smelling like spoiling meat and not like
gardenias which is what she had thought
while partway dead and juiced to the gills
on bat spittle.
oh it was a wild ride she said
but i'm over it now
all but the part where i still bite at myself.

she said she had a really good vampire poem
around there someplace
it appeared on a tissue she had used to blot a tooth mark.
sort of a Rorschach in red
except of course that all of it
was true.

  Scott Murphy


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