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Depending on whose groundhog you believe, it’s spring. Unfortunately, where I live it could be spring in the morning and deep, dark winter by mid-afternoon. Whatever the weather where you happen to find yourself, the mood has lifted here in Melic fiction. We even have a baseball story, sort of.

I confess I laughed out loud at Jason Gurley’s misbehaved narrator’s antics. Baseball doesn’t actually happen in the story, but it is certainly threatened. And did I blush at the familiarity of the twelve-year-old inquisitor in Chris Horner’s "The Other Body?" Finally, there is Darryl Boehmer’s sweet, sad story about a man who loves to read.

The challenge continues. We are still accepting submissions to the Micro Fiction Contest, so please don’t miss your opportunity to exercise verbal restraint for fun and profit. Click on the flashing "Fiction Contest" for guidelines.