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Ways I've Talked to God



I was waiting for You
as the plane
shivered and roared on the tarmac
passport safely tucked inside
my pocket and chewing gum
spearmint in my cheek;
I thought about You
watching the sparrow.
And fastened my seatbelt.


I was talking to You about glare ice
on expressways at 6 am
lights on low beam colliding
with that winter fog
and I was promising a few
changes in my
unremarkable life:
that I’d always thank the store clerks
and buy candy from schoolkids
at the door. But Your eye
was on some sparrow
as my two right wheels lifted
til the world was upside down.


And I have cried O God
on sweat-wet sheets
while on the windowsill
sparrows nodded
and pecked at seeds.


  Sharon Kourous


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