Melic "Basic Poetry Course" (BPC) Description


The Melic Basic Poetry Course is offered once after each issue. It consists of lectures, assignments, chats, interaction on a private board, and a written, individualized evaluation of each poet's best pieces with recommendations for publication. It lasts five weeks and costs $150.

Faculty: Sharon Kourous, C.E. Chaffin, and occasional lecturers and docents.

The next class will commence July 1 if ten have signed up; class limit is fifteen. To reserve a place send $50 made out to Melic Review and mail it c/o

C.E. Chaffin M.D.
700 E. Ocean Blvd. #2504
Long Beach, CA 90802

Scholarships are sometimes available for talented hardship cases. ;-)

Recommendations from previous students upon request.

Please direct any questions you might have regarding this opportunity to

Soon payment by credit card will be available.

Form, then substance.

C.E. Chaffin for The Melic Basic Poetry Course