Melic "Basic Poetry Course" (BPC) Description

Oct. 1 through 31.

One week hiatus 10/17 - 23.

Four weeks; two "inservices" a week, with chat interaction following, plus assignments, with personal reviews and publication recommendations at conclusion. Course syllabus provided for participants at outset.

C.E. Chaffin
Sharon Kourous
Others, if applicable, to be named.

Eight discussions:

  1. Learning from the Greats: The Power of Imitation
  2. A Brief History of Form (with exercises)
  3. Music (Sharon Kourous)
  4. Music II (Sharon Kourous)
  5. Substance: Mind
  6. Substance: Heart

    <<<<< one week break >>>>>

  7. Topic by Class Demand
  8. Summation/Group Self-Evaluation.

Each student is required to submit three to five poems, what they consider their best. Staff and volunteer docents will divide class for personal attention in crafting their best poem. Daily postings through listserv will show poems by members in evolution. Final recommendations, individual and private, will concentrate on deficiencies, strengths, and suggested markets. We hope to have software in place to make real-time discussions possible. Each registrant will receive an e-syllabus and asked to register with whatever communication vehicle our esteemed webmistress deems most suitable. Eight (apx.) places remain for the October class as this issue debuts, scooped up by Roundtable junkies, the Roundtable — where you can always get the real scoop first — though sometimes it may resemble cat litter. (No, we won't talk like this in class!)

Cost: $50

Class size: 20

Send checks for registration to:
Treasurer, Melic Review
Dept. of Chemistry, Box 1134
Washington University
St. Louis, MO 63130

Make checks out to Melic Review.

January class, beginning 1/3/99, will follow the same general pattern (with improvements) but cost $100, due to unexpected demand. Same class size (20).